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The road that led me to where I am today was not a straight thoroughfare but a road with many curves, exits and on-ramps.    


My career started in retail as a display trimmer in department stores and specially shops. It was there where I discovered a 10 gauge wire that would lead me to create wire art and develop my company Wireboyinc. This year I am starting my new line called “Balichan” which will be a division of WireboyInc. It will represent wirework done with antique and vintage parts creating one-of-a-kind pieces and cannot be reproduced.


Along with window display design and the wire part I have always been attracted to portrait paintings as an art collector and started 10 years ago of creating 19th century style portrait paintings. Not naturally gifted as an artist, my passion for the art form has powered me through by studying the Masters and painting as much as possible


This website and my career can attest to the fact that where there might be a lack in talent, the pure love of one’s art form can be a talent in its own.

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